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Don’t waste your money on adding mobile pages to your old desktop website.
Google prefers ONE URL RESPONSIVE WEBSITE for faster download, better search engines results and the best user experience for your visitors.

Take your mobile website seriously and invest in mobile-friendly technology.

On mobile-optimized websites the content is easy to read and the navigation links are more visible.  Responsive mobile technology is more user friendly.

Any business can actually benefit from a mobile friendly website.
Mobile users buy more on mobile-friendly websites.
Mobiles users who visited a mobile-friendly site are more likely to return to that site in the future (over 70% of users).

A mobile-responsive website may cost a little more upfront, but has much lower maintenance cost. You do not need to reformat and duplicate content or add features twice, like you would do using a desktop and a mobile website. Google prefers one URL responsive website that is optimized for all devices. If you have 2 separate URL websites (one for desktop and one for mobile) your website maintenance will cost you double because both URLs have to be updated.

Google officially launched a mobile-friendly label in the mobile search results on November 18, 2014. If your website is not mobile-friendly it will be very clear to users and they will be less likely to visit your website through mobile devices.

Google prefers mobile-friendly websites and ranks them higher.

  • Responsive website makes it easier for users to share and link to your content with a single URL.
  • A responsive design simply means a website that has been constructed so that all of the content, images and structure of the site remains the same on any device.
  • If you have a desktop website and want to add a mobile website you need to redo the entire website using a responsive and mobile technology.
  • Your website will load faster on all devices using responsive/mobile technology.
  • You will get more web traffic with single URL instead of 2 separate URLs (one for desktop and one for mobile site)
  • Responsive website is the way to go to stay in touch with your clients and get more business.

6.1 Billion Smartphone Users Globally By 2020
70 percent of world’s population using smartphones by 2020
A responsive and mobile design can take your business to the next level.
Stay ahead of the competition and invest in responsive and mobile technology!



  • Google fields more than 100 billion searches per month!
  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone. (Smart Insights)
  • Over 70% of customers prefer mobile-friendly websites!
  • 60 percent of online traffic now comes from mobile!
  • 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy.

  • Over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up.
  • 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours. (Nectafy)

Google ranks responsive mobile-friendly websites higher!

And customers aren’t the only ones who will notice if your business isn’t mobile friendly; Google will also rank your site lower in mobile local searches if you don’t have a mobile-friendly interface.
Responsive web design (RWD) provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).
Customers no longer expect (or forgive) a poor mobile experience.

Google prefers responsive websites because they have just one URL and the same HTML across all devices. When a business has both a mobile site and desktop site, there will be a different URL and different HTML for each. This forces Google to crawl and index multiple versions of the same exact site.

Responsive web design is one of the most powerful modern concepts in the web development arena.
As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites.
The websites are becoming more prepared and accessible for different devices with this concept.

If you want the best user experience for your visitors, you can’t rely on anything else than a responsive website. It’ll help you stay ahead in the competition. Responsive web design make things easier.
Those who have already launched their responsive website say that while it may take a bit more money to invest to hire an expert designer, these websites are real cost savers.

In April 2015, Mobilegeddon happened. The world leader in search, Google, rolled out a massive update to it’s algorithm that strongly favors responsive and mobile-friendly websites.
On November 18, 2014, Google officially launched a mobile-friendly label in the mobile search results . If your website is not mobile-friendly it will be very clear to users and they will be less likely to visit your website through mobile devices.

Mobile optimized sites simply mean more business conversions.
All the major search engines, especially Google is stressing on mobile-friendly sites and especially on Responsive Web Design (RWD). A RWD is easier to build than dynamic serving and mobile separate sites where additional technical over-heads make things expensive and hard to implement.
Responsive web design is the way to go – ONE URL WEBSITE that fits all devices.

Mobile Website Advantages:
– user-friendly
– easy to read and navigate
– improved mobile search rankings
– fast loading
– mobile site is designed to drive users to action (contact form completion, coupon download, online purchase)
– Responsive Web Design with mobile technology is the best option for your mobile SEO strategy
– Invest in responsive technology and double your web traffic!

Mobile websites are designed specifically for the different screen size and shape, greatly enhancing the browsing experience for users on various mobile devices.

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We selected web development team because they have a great reputation. We will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a professional web design firm that specializes in all aspects of Internet.We got new clients because of our new websites designed by the professional team of THINKEVA.
Thank you, Eva, for everything you’ve done for us.

2nd testimonial from Dr. Baldassano
Just wanted to share with you that we had a new patient in our office yesterday who works in marketing. She was very pleased with our website and complimented how great it looked, which is one of the reasons she chose us as her new dentist!!!!! It’s great to receive such positive feedback so we thought we would make you smile as well!!
Thanks Eva.
The website is beautiful and we are very proud of our new website.
Dr. Baldassano, Nancy Baldassano is a complete web design and development firm specializing in mobile design, mobile optimized websites, SEO, social media pages, integration and online marketing. We are located near Philadelphia in Blue Bell, PA.

The professional web development experience of our staff provides a superior product with excellent results for our clients, allowing them to fully concentrate on their business, rather than on web related issues.

Client’s Review

Our executive presentation firm was seeking a creative website designer who understood the importance of a great “presentation”. We found that in! Our website is our “store” and the first image many potential clients see when they inquire about our unique services. Eva was able to readily uncover our core message and translate that into a clean, distinctive and beautiful website. She worked quickly and efficiently with keen attention to every detail. We are so pleased!
I would recommend Eva to any professional who wants their ideas heard and to have their website design needs met. I intend to continue our relationship for a long time to come!
Jill Chernekoff
Chernekoff Communications
– Former CNN and Fox 29 News Anchor –
Jill Chernekoff, Chernekoff Communications